Monday, August 01, 2005

Jerry abducted by aliens!

Michael Luckman claims Jerry Garcia was "abducted for 48 hours by a sort of futuristic, spaceship vehicle with insectoid presences.

From the Boston Herald:

We will rock you, earthlings: Author claims there's a reason pop stars are spaced-outBy Sean L. McCarthyMonday, August 1, 2005 - Updated: 10:28 AM ESTPoor Bob Geldof.
His view that musicians can persuade politicians to end world poverty seems so shortsighted compared to Michael Luckman's belief - namely, that rock 'n' roll has an innate connection with extraterrestrials that can help heal the galaxy.
Luckman's new book, ``Alien Rock'' (VH1/Pocket Books), which hits stores this week, attempts to find every - and any - connection between aliens and rock music.
His claims:
Elvis Presley: Aliens hovered over his home at birth, visited him many times, taught him how to move clouds and heal the sick, and even showed The King his future.
John Lennon: Two close encounters with UFOs in the 1970s.
Cat Stevens: More than just followed by a moonshadow.
Sammy Hagar: Aliens ``downloaded everything that was in my head'' as a teen.
Jerry Garcia: Abducted for 48 hours by ``a sort of futuristic, spaceship vehicle with insectoid presences.'' Insert long, strange trip joke at own peril.
Ace Frehley: A UFO landed in his back yard. But was he wearing his KISS makeup?
Luckman, director of New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, does cite some well-known facts that shouldn't automatically get tossed down a black hole. Not that they make a strong case for an extraterrestrial rock 'n' roll connection.
NASA has sent classical and contemporary tunes into space on satellites for any E.T.s out there to hear. And Lance Bass of 'N Sync made no secret of his hope to be an astronaut a few years ago.
But ``Alien Rock'' is padded with all sorts of tangents that may be a little rock but not a lot alien.
Musicians talk not only about their thoughts on UFOs, but also about their lyrical muses, ghost sightings and spirituality. Any mention of space, rockets or the cosmos in a song or album cover gets highlighted. And if the rocker came no closer to space than wearing a spacesuit in a music video or movie - well, hello Ziggy Stardust!
But take note, skeptics.
Luckman purportedly will reveal evidence of alien-abducted rock stars tomorrow at a New York City press conference. We'll moonwalk right over if
Michael Jackson shows up.


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