Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Remember Jerry on Denman Island Tonight!

From RememberJerry.com:

On Tuesday, August 9, 2005, come join the celebration on Denman Island, BC and Remember Jerry! On this 10th anniversary of the legendary guitarist's death, we'll fill the Back Hall with roses and dance to the sounds of classic studio and live Grateful Dead and Garcia Band tunes. Bring a rose for the set break "Deadication"! All proceeds going to Tibetan refugee children in Nepal.

Hark: the special day has arrived! Here on Denman Island, the sun is shining brightly, promising a beautiful day for our celebration. I have plenty of loose ends to tie up before tonight, but overall the event has come together beautifully, with the help of many friends.

Allow me to reiterate the key details: TONIGHT, August 9, at 8pm, we'll open the doors of Denman Island's Back Hall and welcome Deadheads and music lovers. The cost of entry is a measely $3-$8, which we'll be donating to a project that assists Tibetan refugee children living in Nepal. There are no costs to administer the program–all the money goes right to the kids.

Trip the light fantastic? We have 3 sets of live and studio Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band tunes prepared, so as Pig used to say, "Get yo' hands outta yo' pockets!" We have Dead concert footage that we'll thrown up on the big screen. To give thanks, Lee Andra will lead the "Deadication" after the first set. Be sure to bring some extra coin so you don't miss out on the raffle! We'll be giving away a copy of Phil's new book, Searching for the Sound, as well as a batik dress, a tie dye t-shirt, a wood fired porcelain urn, locally made jewelry, and some disks of live Dead. Bring a rose and your raffle ticket is free! (Note: Be prepared for the GD skull skill testing questions!)

Word on the street is that there will be a small vending area outside, with food, dyes and jewels. Bring a guitar! A glow in the dark frisbee! Your smilin' self! Looking forward to seeing you there!!


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