Friday, October 21, 2005

Jerry's spirit inspires peace dove

From JamBase:


A bold evolution of the popular Support Our Troops yellow ribbons is taking off. It's the Peace Positive Dove car magnet, now available at The design is a dove in flight. The message is one of peace: Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home. And it's not just making a positive statement, it's making a difference--20% of the net proceeds go to charities that support peace.
Inspiration moved him brightly
"The idea came just before dawn on the morning of the 10th anniversary of Jerry Garcia's passing," says Peace Positive founder, Mike Indgin. "A voice came into my head that said, 'Create a design that marries the current yellow ribbons with the complementary shape of a dove. Have it fly a message of peace. And don't just talk about it, DO IT!' The voice had an exuberant energy that reminded me very much of Jerry. So of course, I listened."
A little action goes a long way
Indgin passed the idea on to his wife, a graphic designer who took the concept and brought it to life with an image that is both peaceful and powerful. The buzz is already growing for the product and the site. "When I first saw the finished design, I was blown away by its beauty and power. Now when others complain about the political situation, I no longer feel powerless because I am doing something about it! Now other can too, just by putting the magnet on their vehicle or by spreading the word of our site to others."
The tagline on the bottom of the home page says, "No act of peace is ever wasted." That's a sentiment no one can argue with. To see the Dove magnet in flight, go to


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