Wednesday, November 30, 2005

JamBase Discusses the Discussion

From JamBase:

For our second serving of Feedback Loop we look at the current hot debate regarding the
Grateful Dead's decision to remove their soundboard recordings from the download site Until a few days ago, Deadheads could download thousands of Grateful Dead recordings, many of which were highly-coveted soundboards, at no cost. That all changed when Grateful Dead Merchandising (GDM), asked's Live Music Archive, to remove all downloads. While no Dead music can be downloaded, fans can still stream audience recordings. In the wake of this event Deadheads have become infuriated, creating petitions and vowing to boycott all Grateful Dead merchandise until the music is once again available to the public.
The Dead's decision and subsequent fan reaction has all of us at JamBase thinking long and hard about the fate of "tape trading" in the digital age. On the one hand, this live music scene we love so much has been supported by the show-recording, tape-trading community. It could be argued that allowing fans to freely trade and download music is perhaps the best promotional tool a band could ever have. On the other hand, bands need to make money in order to continue making their music. The music these bands make (on stage or in the studio) is their lifeblood - and if selling the downloads of their shows is a means for them to make money, so be it.

It's no secret that the music world is in flux. The digital revolution has changed the manner in which bands turn a profit. As bands and record companies continue to adapt to this new digital paradigm the selling of live show soundboards may in fact become a major component for bands to cash in. So our question to you this week is: How can our community best deal with tape trading in the digital age? Is there a solution that benefits artists and fans alike? How do you think this should be handled?

Guidelines for Posting Comments:
We want to hear from you, and we care about what you have to say. Please remember that JamBase is a community-driven website, and you are the community! Keep this in mind when posting a comment, as we want the best representation of the scene as possible.

Think critically about what you have to say. Ask yourself: "Does my reply offer any significant insight or contribution to the conversation in any fashion?" We are asking real questions here, and you have an opportunity to directly contribute to shaping the future of JamBase.

Remember that you are an online representation of yourself. We all take this seriously. Let's act like it.

Have some fun with this, and let's try to create a forum where intelligent, meaningful discussion occurs. Remember, this is yours. Make it what you will.

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