Friday, March 10, 2006

Music on the Medicine Path

Fro PQB news:

Music on the Medicine Path

Healing music is at Errington War Memorial Hall March 11."I feel like this will be an event that is soul nurturing," says Maureen Curle, the organizer for a concert called The Medicine Path, with Richard Sales from Errington and Michael Waters.Curle says Waters' music has an impact on her heart."I guess for me ... I can feel my heart open," she says. "When the heart opens, the mind opens. It helps me remember why God hasn't given up on us as a species."Curle has heard both Sales and Waters play in the past and was moved."I had heard Michael play some time last year and I was absolutely blown away by him," Curle says of the acoustic musician. "He composes his own music. It's solo guitar."Waters took the guitar as a spiritual discipline in the late '60s and avoided playing professionally until recently. He also did a 10-year stint, roaming the world, meeting and playing with musicians of many cultures.Sales' steps into music were different. He started his musical career playing in teen bands at age 13 and moved on to performing on stage with Chuck Berry, then producing the earliest rap in the underground music scene, and writing music for a Grateful Dead show. He also wrote music for Nike."I love his music, I love his songwriting," Curle says of Sales. "He's actually written some new material, [for this concert]." Curle says their music is spiritual without being religious. "Their music styles are different but very complementary," Curle adds. "How beautiful to have a concert that honours them both as artists." Tickets for The Medicine Path are $12 in advance and can be purchased at the Errington War Memorial Hall. Admission is $15 at the door. The concert starts at 8 p.m.For more information about Sales, see or see for more information on Waters.


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