Friday, June 02, 2006

Jumpers @ Phil Shows

From MercuryNewsBlogs:

Brad Kava

I thought they called them deadheads for another reason....but the latest talk among fans of Phil Lesh and Friends is about the two people who jumped off balconies at San Francisco shows, injuring people below.

The first was New Year's Eve at the Bill Graham Civic; the second, at the May 22 show at the Warfield.

You can read some chilling debate about this. Yes, deadheads have found two sides to the issue of jumping off the balcony under the influence of drugs and landing on innocent people.

Some people think the jumper should be arrested and jailed to learn his lesson. Others say life is but a dream and he should be forgiven for not realizing he was in another level of consciousness.
Man, those drugs not only make these guys hear the same songs over and over from a Jerry Garcia cover band, but they have totally fried some brains.

The jumper even wrote a letter of apology.

What's interesting is that apparently police or medics weren't called. It was handled by Rock Medicine doctors, the Haight Asbury clinic folks who help anyone free, and keep drug incidents away from authorities. The only one hurt the second time was the jumper.

I'm trying to find out more about the first incident, in which I'm told someone was more seriously hurt. If you know something, post it here. Have these been reported to authorities by concert promoter, Clear Channel/Live Nation?

And a weird twist that someone with some brain cells should have stopped: on the philzone website, there is a game where you guide a parachutist into the Warfield from a plane. I don't know. If my fans had been injured during shows from morons trying to fly, I would have nixed that one quick.

Here's the apology letter:

Posted: 05/21/06 3:06PM ET
I am truely thankful for everyone who
has voiced concern over my well being, and deeply apologetic to everyone that
this may have adversely affected. I am sure everyone wants to know what was
going on in my mind to have this situtation occur, honestly much of it is pretty
foggy. I have been re-telling the story to my wife and freinds in the hopes to
better process it. I must let everyone know, I in no way intended to hurt
anyone, much less myself. I know that may sound contradictory but assure you
that what happened was spontaneous. I don't think I even felt that I was going
to be hurt in the slightest.

I am in good spirits, my leg is fractured and shoulder a little fucked up
but all and all I am feeling ok. My ego will take the biggest brunt of the
damage I am sure. For those of you who are angered by this I would at least like
to say that I in no way pre-meditated this, it was a sudden burst of energy with
painful consequnces. My biggest regret is that I could have really hurt someone
else and am really fortunate that I did not injure anyone seriously. As far as I
know, the woman I hit was badly shaken up but not injured. If anyone knows her,
I would like to contact her.

I feel SO BLESSED to have such wonderful friends. Their concern and help
with getting me around was humbling to say the least. I plan on seeing a
councelor and being as honest and straight forward with myself, them and anyone
who knows me in regards to this situation. I also plan on writing a formal
apology to the woman who I hit as well as phil for putting a damper on what were
special shows for him and everyone attending.anyway, I am having a hard time
sitting down at our desk right now, but, once again, thank you so much for your
concern and I am sorry this happened.Yo

(Photos Jay Blakesburg from


Anonymous Helen said...

A friend of mine from work was at the show. He said it was really freaky but Phil handled it very well. Word straight up was that it was Alton Kelley's son. Many are bashing him for ruining the night for so many others. It's a tough call. Being an addict myself, my first response when I heard this story was to feel nothing but compassionate for him. It's not a fun place to be although it may look like it to some from the outside. I don't know a single addict who's not responsible for the suffering of many others. And as much as the woman he fell on is hurting, he is hurting more. The wounds of the spirit and soul are far more painful than missing a great set.

Friday, June 02, 2006  
Blogger Mark said...

Well, now I know what really happened.

Saturday, June 03, 2006  

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