Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bobby's (belated) Christmas Wish

I was out of action during the holidays so this is a little late...good thing Santa doesn't rely on Deadnews for his info!

Bobby told the Associated Press about his wish for Santa:

BOB WEIR, RatDog/The Grateful Dead: I'd like my band RatDog to record with the Kronos Quartet. We'd spend a couple of days in rehearsal to kick ideas around, and then a couple of days recording in the Fillmore, all of both bands on stage, although from time to time breaking it down into different configurations. No tunes in mind - maybe an old chestnut or two, a new tune or two, whatever they'd want to bring to the party, and then the "1-2-3-Go" approach. Find a pulse, and then people start playing, and see if that suggests a key or a mode, and if that suggests a harmonic development of some sort. Secondly, our sound mixer Mike McGinn wants us to bring in Dolly Parton, specifically to sing "Ripple," which seems to me to be an inspired notion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

inspired as to both ideas. Dolly is kick *ss pretty much the way Jerry was. Kronos, too.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009  

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