Monday, March 26, 2007

Hard Truckers Update

Here's the latest from our friends @ Hard Truckers.

“The Isolator” by Brian Brown.
Find potential problems in your rig BEFORE they happen.
Most electronic problems start with symptoms. Oxidation, faulty wires, power supply problems, bad tubes and the like create dirty signal problems and impurities in your guitar signal. The guitar signal in its natural state is a small fragile signal. Pure Tone is achieved thru a Pure Signal Path. A Cleaner Signal equals a fuller richer tone and better sustain at low volumes. 100% Reliability in your gear show after show is a beautiful thing.

Also new from Brian: Stereo (TRS) Guitar and Instrument Cable and Heavy-duty 12 Gauge Speaker Cable, the fire hose that Brian recommends for amp to cabinet connections.

Celestion Gold Speakers, a 50 watt 12” alnico speaker that we found in our testing to have a fabulous low end, with bell like glassy highs. Smooth, yet not overbearing. The Gold’s are perfect for single coil rhythm players who love the second and fourth pick-up position of the strat. A great choice for the Bob Weir style player.

Jensen Jet Speakers – Jensen’s “Blackbird”, of Jet Series is a 100-watt 12” Alnico speaker that is also now available in all Hard Truckers Speaker Cabinets. Described during testing as the powerfully perfect rock-n-roll speaker. Ballsy Marshall 4x12 tones with great sustain. Les Paul blues-rock and Duane Allman fans are sure to like this warm, full spectrum, beast of a speaker.

Both Celestion Gold’s and Jensen Jet’s Speakers are available in all Hard Truckers speaker cabinets at the same listed prices, simply state; “Celestion GOLD’s” or “Jensen JET’s in the notes section upon checkout. Two more High-End options for the Hard Truckers classic cabinets. As always please call or email for more details.

Road Cases: Insurance for your investment. Wheel in, pop the top, and plug-and-play. Protect your Hard Truckers cabinet with a custom high quality road case. No need to trust your unprotected gear with the local crew. Single and Double Cabinet Models are available. ATA approved and made for the road.

“The Hard Truckers Custom Shop” is now open. Purchase a Classic Hard Truckers Cabinet not normally kept in stock; the JG-3 “THE” vertical Baltic Birch 3 x12” cabinet, the JG-4 “THE” vertical Baltic Birch 4x12” cabinet, the BW-1 a single Hemp 1x12” cabinet and the JW-1 a mini Baltic Birch 1x4” cabinet. Email us at for more details or to have your custom cabinet built.

Tee Shirts - Super comfy, organic cotton long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts are now available online.

Grill Covers – Our gorgeous gals keep churning out amazing grill covers and now they are retrofitting combo amps and heads with their one-of-a-kind artwork. Contact them at and for more details on their custom work.

Be sure to - Check our flickr photos page regularly for a preview of cabinets, new grill covers and assorted road gear before they are formally released.

Guitar cables (see article
@ their website) and organic cotton T-Shirts! And, we now offer Empty Cabinets. Load a Classic Hard Truckers cabinet with the speakers of your choice. Custom Screenprinted grill screens are now available. Put your full-color art on your cabinet. Contact us at for more details.

New Artists — Jimmy Herring of Widespread Panic, Rob Eaton of Dark Star Orchestra, Ed Rollins of Collective Soul, Ted Norton of the Grapes and Bob Stirner of Boris Garcia.

Coming in March — Hard Truckers Custom Shop, featuring 1x12, 3x12 and 4x12 custom cabinets. Also we'll have two new products from Brian Brown: the Isolator™ and the A/B box that Trey Anastasio swears by (not at).

Grill Covers - Our girls (Samantha and Erin) have been experimenting with replacing Stock Combo Amp Grill Covers with their Tie Dye and Batik works of art and the results have been spectacular. The girls can now do custom jobs just for you on your combo amps or heads. They have come up with a six step process to transform your amp into a one-of-a-kind custom amp. You choose the grill fabric and they will meticulously attach it to your amp. Email them at or for more info.

SLC Library Boy will not turn down donations of any Hard Truckers products! ;^D


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Thursday, June 21, 2007  
Anonymous Brad Kelly said...

I'm selling a pair of vintage Hard Trucker speakers custom made for the Grateful Dead in 1977. Built by Grateful Dead sound technician Dennis "Wizard" Leonard exclusively for the band members, this pair of speakers was formerly the property of an original (since 1968) Grateful Dead family member, who has had them in her possesion since 1977. Weighing in at a hefty 13&1/2 pounds each, they are in excellent working condition and can handle a very loud and CLEAR 200 watts each per channel (they were originally designed to be used in arenas and stadiums). Each wood-enclosed speaker is 9&1/2 x 11&3/4 x 6&1/2" deep, and comes with the original grille cloth, "banana" clips and a letter of provenance from the former owner. These speakers are virtually unheard of outside of the Grateful Dead's inner circle; built specifically to handle the finest, loudest and cleanest sound, they are just about the most unique Grateful Dead related items we've ever offered.

You can see the speakers at

Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.

Thanks - Brad

Thursday, March 13, 2008  
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Anonymous Born Cross-Eyed said...

Howdy do! Grateful Dead shows! Garcia, too!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009  
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Sunday, October 11, 2009  
Blogger HOB said...

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Friday, February 26, 2010  

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