Friday, August 26, 2005

The Boykin Ball 2005

From Earvolution:

The Boykin Ball 2005

The Church Of Universal Love and Music is hosting their annual Boykin Ball September 9th though the 11th.Confirmed acts for this years Ball include: Derek Trucks Band, Ekoostik Hookah, The Benevento Russo Duo, Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root, The Zen Tricksters, Shimmy Shack (Featuring Mike Apirion & Dino English of Dark Star Orchestra), Vince Welnick from the Grateful Dead, Captain Soularcat, Rootstand, Turbine, Jounce, Short Bus Rhythm and Review, All-Star Jam with members of the Zen Tricksters, Rob Wasserman, Melvin Seals, and Michael Glabicki. The Church in rural Pennsylvania was founded on the notion of bringing spiritual people together to celebrate their similarities, create harmony between denominations, and host community events based around the spontaneous and unlimited joy of live music. Since its inception, there has been an ongoing struggle between the Church's founder and local zoning boards (not to mention the highest levels of State and Federal Courts).According to the Church founder William (Willy) Pritts, recent disputes with the State Supreme Court and local zoning authorities on this matter threaten his Constitutional Rights to practice religion and use his own property the way he wishes. According the Church, local land use commissioners have invalidated the claim of Pritts that the Church of Universal Love and Music is a legitimate church despite the fact that it is recognized by the Universal Life Church (Modesto, CA), by local clergy who come to events to provide religious services, and that Pritts himself is ordained as is the entertainment coordinator for the Church, Phil Simon. "The main focus of the Church is to gather people together to celebrate their freedom and religious preferences while in the presence of Live Music. Every event that the church has done has retained that focus," says Phil Simon.The 2005 Boykin Ball Headliners:The Derek Trucks Band - The band has been a work in progress for over 10 years, slowly blending jazz, rock, blues, Latin, Eastern Indian, and other world music into the sound that now defines the DTB. The mission of the band has been to assemble a group of musicians that share a passion for improvisation and musical exploration, and to develop a special musical unity by performing with this core group of players for an extended period of time. The focus of the band is on the art form itself, despite the current trend of image-driven music on the scene today. The DTB aims to create progressive roots music in an effort to move the art form forward and re-establish substance over hype.Ekoostik Hookah - One of the most dynamic acts on the road today, ekoostik hookah is the nucleus of a growing family drawn to its lucid, improvisational treatment of psychedelic rock ’n’ roll, blues, funk, jazz and bluegrass layered with rich harmonies. Born early in 1991 in a smoky basement bar, the band has been continually evolving, cultivating a sound that has perked the ears of contemporaries and attracted thousands of fans who routinely travel hundreds of miles to hear them play.Rob Wasserman - Precious few musicians demonstrate the scope to be dubbed renaissance men, but Rob Wasserman has more than earned the title. His daunting versatility has made him one of the last two decade's most in-demand bassists -- as demonstrated by stints with Lou Reed, Van Morrison and Elvis Costello. His longtime creative partnership with Grateful Dead members Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir have yielded a trove of fertile sounds. And, last but far from least, the albums issued under his own name have won awards from sources in the jazz, pop and rock fields.


FRIDAY – September 9th Turbine 3 – 4:30
Jounce 5-6:30 PM
Captain Soularcat 7-8:30
The Duo 9–10:30
Derek Trucks Band 11-1:00ish

SATURDAY – September 10th
Jazzam 12-1:20Michael Glabicki 1:50 – 3:10
Shimmy Shack 3:30 – 5
Rob Wasserman 5 – 5:30 solo
Melvin/Rob & Friends 5:30 - 7
Zen Tricksters 7:30 – 9:30
Ekoostik Hookah 10 – 12 midnight
Rootstand 12:30 – 2am

SUNDAY – September 11th
Short Bus 12-1
Vince Welnick 1:30 – 3:30

Directions and other information is available on the Church's


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