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Sunshine Daydream DVD updates (or lack of)

July 9, 2005
John Patrick Gatta: That reminds me, as far as releasing shows, the Veneta in '72, which is another video that has circulated. What is the status on that being officially released?

David Limieux: I have no idea. It's not in our hands. The people who own the film, physically own the film, who produced the original one, who have restored it and are ready to do something with it...that's about all I know, that they still have it. It's in great shape and they have put some effort into doing a good HD transfer and restoring it and preserving it.We all agree that it would be a good thing to come out some day. We do have the multi-track audio, so if ever it came out I would like to think that it would come through us so it could be mixed through a proper 5.1 mix. As it is, they can't do that. The only multi-track copy that exists is ours. The fact that it's Grateful Dead music, they would have to collaborate with us anyway. Nobody could just release something. Regardless, I agree it should come out. There's a lot of songs missing from the film and that's a product of them not filming a lot of songs. What I think would be ideal would be for it to come out on DVD, 5.1 mix, and then a three CD complete show of all released from the multi-track mix. That would be very pleasing to others and us.That's another thing. We have so little of the early era. Stuff that does exist should be given proper treatment and not just slapped together and thrown out, but really do the The Grateful Dead Movie treatment with it. Give it a 5.1 with some documentaries. Interview some of the people who were involved. I don't think it would be worth doing otherwise.

Rumors, etc.
Sunshine Daydream DVD of Veneta 1972 show - still promised but no release date

The '72 Field Trip was filmed in its entirety in 16MM with the goal being a theater release but what happened? Only Sam Field, the producer, can answer that one. Here is the latest (already a year old and still no ne news) on that longawaited, eagerly sought, gem of historical significance:

"I know the TV networks consider if they get a letter supporting a show, itrepresents 100,000, or some such number, viewers. I trust you when you sayyou speak for many. I know there are many who agree with you and we need toget this movie out there for all to enjoy. It will happen!"

"As you know, GD is still going through their changes and somehow, they havenot yet found the time to bless our project for its due release. We do needthem for a minor remix and, of course, they can add immeasurable promotionalenergy. When the summer tour slows down, and everybody gets back in town,we will give them our full court press and get this pushed through."

"Since we have basically 4 camera tracks, Jerry cam, Bobby cam, Phil cam andgeneral cam, we thought the DVD should have all 4 picture tracks availableand you could watch "all Jerry all the time", if you so desired."

"Please share this email address,
which I setup for just this purpose, with all your friends and then I can take a stack of emails with me when we finally do the negotiations. You can make adifference."

Yeah, right, Sam, we know you will do the right thing, right, Sam? Whatever, email Sam, everyone, and demand your right to watch the movie, Sunshine Daydream!

December, 2004
In August of 2002, the "Fourth Decadenal Field Trip" took place on the land of one of the original Pranksters, John Swan, here in the boonies of Oregon. After the bands played and it got dark, the movie (Sunshine Daydream) was shown, in its latest and greatest, cleaned up with digitally-manicured sound version. Since then, the film has been doing its best to be released on DVD but there are some snaggles, some bottlenecks preventing it from happening. It has been shown in New York City and possibly other places. Do not confuse the low-quality, multi-generation pirate copies of the movie that have been circulating forever with the latest incarnation, which is clean and beautiful.

First on the agenda was the movie Sunshine Daydream of the 1972 Field Trip. Still in the can, never been seen except for some pirated video copies, this is the year, thirtieth anniversary and all that, to bring that sucker out and the plan is to do it on DVD and release it through Grateful Dead Productions.
The hangup is the head of GDP is gone and the new guy isn't up to speed on the plan so I implored Bobby to put in the word, get this movie out to the people, it's a time capsule whose time has come.
Bob said sure and he'd look at the vidie that night after the show. Oh oh, I didn't bring him a copy. Bring it to the show, he said.

Sunshine Daydream, a film documenting the Field Trip, paints an idyllic picture of what it must have been like to participate in this family affair. You can catch screenings for a limited engagement at Makor in New York City, August 17-20 (212-601-1000). Watch for the DVD release in the spring of 2003.

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Blogger chacha said...

I would love to see Sunshine Daydream released on DVD and given proper audio and video treatment using today's technology. It is such an important part of Grateful Dead and music history and a monster show. The GD at their absolute best!

Thursday, January 08, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone date the VERY FIRST SHOWING of this film? (and its apparently not favourable review by the band). Thanks, Michael Powell

Friday, December 11, 2009  

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