Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kansas City Star talks about Steve Kimock

From Kansas City Star:

The Grateful jam man
Instrumental rock isn’t for everyone, which may be part of its appeal.
If anything, the “insider effect” can make the thoughtful sonic tangents the music is capable of even more meaningful to those who really care. Leave the terse verse/chorus/verse stuff to others, and take us on a long and winding journey, baby!
Anyway, a leading proponent of the jam-happy form is the Steve Kimock Band, whose namesake guitarist gets compared a lot to late, great improvisatory string-bender Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. And for good reason. Garcia once plugged Kimock as his “favorite unknown guitar player.”
The Steve Kimock Band’s new instrumental rock record is “Eudemonic,” which the disc’s liner notes say means “producing happiness and well-being.” But no singing.
“I’d like to sing more, but I’m really very shy, especially as a singer, and I have difficulty singing without getting kind of choked up,” Kimock says in a recent interview on “It’s emotional. I do the same thing when I read poetry out loud, I start to cry and stuff. It’s very embarrassing, but eventually I’ll get it together.”
Kimock and his band will play an all-ages show at 8 tonight at the Granada, 1020 Massachusetts, in Lawrence. Tickets cost $17; call (785) 842-1390.


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