Friday, November 18, 2005

Jerry Birkenstocks!

From Rolling Stone:

Since he was never exactly known for his robust physique, we're not altogether surprised that Jerry Garcia couldn't score an endorsement deal from a major athletic shoe company while he was waddling across this mortal coil. Fans can now use their lower appendages to pay tribute to Cap'n Trips in a far more appropriate manner -- by strapping on a pair of the custom J. Garcia sandals that Birkenstock have just introduced. The shoes, much like the ties Garcia's estate began peddling some years back, are festooned with artwork designed by the late guitarist -- work that some might compare to Jackson Pollock, although we see more similarities to the drippings of a Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone . . .


We're proud to announce the release of J. Garcia Special Edition Collection sandals, celebrating the world-renowned craftsmanship of Birkenstock footwear and the artistic vision of Jerry Garcia. Rarely have two names that stand for individuality and self-expression come together in such visual brilliance as these J. Garcia Special Edition Collection sandals.
Jerry Garcia was a unique artist and a genuine icon of American culture. Over a 30-year career, Jerry Garcia was the lead guitarist, singer and composer for the Grateful Dead and the Jerry Garcia Band, and he was widely known for his superb and versatile musicianship. As a prolific musician, Jerry performed in concert before more fans that any other musician in history.
Although less known for his fine art talent, Jerry approached art with the same intensity as music. Between 1985 and 1995, he created close to 500 individual art pieces in watercolor, pencil, ink, airbrush and digital media.
The J. Garcia Special Edition Collection are available for online Pre-orders, and they'll be available nationwide beginning November 15, 2005 at select Birkenstock Specialty Stores (visit the Store Locator at or call 1-800-761-1404 for your nearest location).
We're proud to be working on these J. Garcia Special Edition Collection sandals with the Draw Bridge Foundation, an arts program for homeless children. The children of the Draw Bridge program will benefit from the sale of these J. Garcia Special Edition Collection sandals through a donation made on behalf of Birkenstock.


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