Tuesday, December 20, 2005

CDs for kids aim to heal the world, one song at a time

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

CDs for kids aim to heal the world, one song at a time
- Stephen Redner, Special to The Chronicle

Coaraze, France -- The Grateful Dead, the Doobie Brothers, Shana
Morrison and many other artists sing out for kids on new CDs made just for them.

Featured this week on the iTunes Music Store is the exclusive
release of three CDs (42 songs) dedicated to a sustainable future and timed to
the recent international launch of the U.N. Decade for Sustainable Development.

The CDs are a project of Association Pour la Terre ("for the
earth"), a nonprofit organization I run in the South of France that is dedicated
to promoting environmental messages through music. We have produced CDs, school
kits, DVDs and concerts throughout the world.
In 2005, our organization
decided to launch the CD project in San Francisco. I have always loved and
admired San Francisco, with its cornucopia of talent. We also recognized the
financial crisis hitting its schools' performing arts program and the importance
of music in child development.
Featured on the San Francisco CDs are the
Grateful Dead, Doobie Brothers, Maria Muldaur, Dan Hicks, Kitaro, Mickey Hart,
Country Joe McDonald, Ozomatli, Maná with guest artist Tommy Castro, Shana
Morrison, Billy Farlow and Luna Angel. The children's artists include Wavy
Gravy, the Rowan Brothers with David Grisman, John Stewart, the Banana Slug
String Band, Nancy Schimmel, Linda Arnold, William Florian, Lisa Atkinson,
Bonnie Lockhart, Chris Molla, Gary Lapow and Blame Sally.

We got initial support and assistance from popular local musician
and composer George Michalski and Mayor Gavin Newsom. A concert planned for
October was postponed after Hurricane Katrina and has been rescheduled for
March. One hundred percent of the net concert proceeds will be added to money
from the CDs for the San Francisco Unified School District performing arts

Pour la Terre produced the CDs on the new Earthly Music label, with
the support of the U.N. Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
and the Earth Charter Secretariat. A UNESCO store was established that can be
accessed by typing "UNESCO" or "Earth Charter" in the iTunes Music Store search

We also decided to contribute 25 percent of the net profits from
the sale of the CDs on iTunes and thereafter to San Francisco schools. An
additional 25 percent of the net profit from the international and San Francisco
CDs is to be equally distributed between UNESCO, the Earth Charter Secretariat
and Association Pour la Terre.

Now Pour la Terre is looking forward to future UNESCO-related and
other productions. If San Francisco is successful, we would like to create
similar benefit projects in cities throughout the country, eventually producing
an all-USA Earth Charter/UNESCO CD, school kit and concert. Internationally, we
are about to commence a City of Cannes CD and others throughout the South of
France as well as ventures in Mexico, Brazil, Africa and Monaco.

For more information about the organization, go to
www.pourlaterre.org or

Page E - 1 URL:

By the way, the Dead tune is a live version of Touch of Grey and the Mickey track is "Light Over Shadow." Here is the complete listing:

Young People's CD:
1. Grateful Dead (live version of Touch of Grey)
2. Mana/with special SF guest artist (Justicia, Tierra, y Libertad)
3. Mickey Hart (Light Over Shadow)
4. Kitaro
5. Huey Lewis (Small World, Pt. 1) (hard disc only)
6. Ozomatli (Quando Canto)
7. Shana Morrison (More Than I Need)
8. Country Joe (Peace on Earth)
9. Tommy Castro (Anytime Now)
10. Dan Hicks (You Gotta Believe)
11. Maria Muldaur (Never Swat a Fly)
12. Doobie Brothers (People Gotta Love Again)
13. Luna Angel (Unconditional Love)
14. Billy Farlow (The Rain Don't Shine on Me)

Children's CD:
1. Wavy Gravy (Basic Human Needs)
2. Rowan Brothers/w David Grisman (Circle of Friends)
3. Linda Arnold (All Kinds of People; One Earth)
4. Banana Slug String Band (What Animals Need)
5. Bonnie Lockhart (Water Cycle)
6. Lisa Atkinson (Is Anybody Listening)
7. Chris Molla (Pick it Up, Stand Up)
8. Gary Lapow (All Kinds of People)
9. Nancy Schimmel ("Playing Winnie-the-Pooh") - song about equality of sexes (Malvina Reynolds' daughter)
10. Candy Forest ("All in This Together")
11. Blame Sally ("La Llorona") Mexican folk song about importance of hometo children)
12. John Stewart (The Man Who Would Be King)
13. William Florian ("'I'm Declaring Peace")


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great CDs for young and old. And for a vital cause.

Sunday, January 15, 2006  
Anonymous coralie behar said...

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am working on and studying the theme of “Sustainable Future,” including the respect of Human rights, and the principles of the Earth Charter. I was therefore delighted to come across your blog relating to UNESCO. I am working with the small non profit
Association "Pour la Terre" and Nicole and Steve Redner, who have implemented the project of educational CDs that you are kind enough to write about. This French and American
association is really active and engaged in helping the Environment and
Human Rights.
Through your work on UNESCO and thanks to the community "blog", may we please link our efforts together in order to help the project UNESCO/Earth Charter CDS/Schoolkit become better known and therefore more effective?
A blog is currently under construction to allow an interactive connection and sharing of information regarding the projects of the Association; and would be delighted to refer to your own blog
For futher information, the Association’s web site is:


Many thanks for your time and trouble,

Coralie Behar,
trainee with the Association “Pour la Terre”"

Monday, February 13, 2006  

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