Friday, December 30, 2005

Hunter's Doppleganger


Grateful Dead Songwriter Attempts Novel

After years of performing for scads of hippies, the Grateful Dead's principle songwriter, Robert Hunter, is living the acetic life these days, writing novels in Northern California. According to the Associated Press, Hunter has already written one full novel called Doppleganger, which, according to the article, utilizes the quantum mechanics theory of physics. "I feel like I've got ten books in me," Hunter says. Though Jerry Garcia was the public face of the Dead, Hunter was intrinsic to their success as a band, writing such dead classics as "Brokedown Palace" and "Cosmic Charley." "I believe the Grateful Dead would have inspired much less of an emotional loyalty in their fans without his lyrics," says Steve Silberman, a co-author of the Grateful Dead book Skeleton Key. "Hunter really located a traditional sense of character in story line found in English Literature and childhood ballads." No word yet on when Doppleganger will hit stores.


Anonymous rockygarden said...

Thanks for the crystal images you captured. Your words captured the places and times we are passing through.
Robert, I met you in the basement of Stars at Second and South street
in Philadelphia. Must have been in the late seventies. My friend Meiss
knew you from somewhere and we hung out.
One thing for certain your lyrics have always come from a place I can relate to. They inspired me to write lyrics from the time I was a teenager. A pursuit that has brought me immense joy.
The reason I am contacting you at this time is to ask for your help. Here's my situation: for the last six years I have been writing a novel. i started to write a scifi-adv story. It turned out to be a spiritual and mystery novel also.
The story chronicles a self proclaimed prophet, as he recruits disciples and spreads a new religion that spreads like wildfire throughout the world. Assisting him in this quest are Jesus, Mohammed and Jerry Garcia. Together they attempt to save the world from untold bloodshed. Jerry playa a significant role in communicating with Jerry who in turn reaches a higher vibration in order to bring the two religious icons back to earth. The title of the book series is The Sphere Of Devine Intervention - First Book is called The Messenger.
I did get permission to use your lyrics in the novel from The Dead's Publicist Alan Trist. I sent him a copy to examine and also sent one to Wendy Weir.
I need help with getting the word out there to Grateful Dead fans who I am positive will enjoy the story. Please let me know the best way to reach the faithful Deadheads. Thanks for your time.
My E-Mail is

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