Sunday, December 25, 2005

Blog Roundup

Born Again Deadhead
Jobygoob's Retro Reviews 12/22/05
Ben promotes Joby's blog

Box of Rain
All these complications seem to leave no choice 12/22/05
Helen chooses sobriety whether another accepts it or not :)

Crazy Fingers
Our building (and how we spent Saturday, erev Christmas) 12/24/05
A pic of Larry & Brian's new apt building plus the whirlwind of Christmas & Chanukkah

Dead on Friday
Retro Reviews - new Dead etc. blog 12/21/05
Jonathan promotes Joby's blog

Grateful Web
Steve Kimock Band Webcast Archive Available Now! 12/16/05
Just what the title says!

If You Get Confused...
away for a while... 12/16/05
Ben's helping his mother and doing Christmas stuff (see ya in the New Year!)

Jobygoob's Retro Reviews
Jerry Garcia Band, 08-29-1987, French's Camp at Eel River, Piercy California 12/22/05
The new blog everyone is talking about :)

Knockin' On the Golden Door
Happy Channukah! 12/24/05
Mark has a history of the holiday and a cool pic

Occasional Journal
Robert is moved by the "Not For Kids Only" CD

DG at the Kodiak 9/22 on 12/24/05
One of David's favorite solo shows of the year

Rock & Reel
SerialPod: Asheville Soundcheck Download 12/25/05
Justin blogs about an incredible soundcheck

Uncle John's Blog
Remember cassettes? 12/24/05
And to answer Xian's question, 'boy do i!'

Under Eternity Blue
Jerry on Forbes 12/21/05
Braj points to Forbes' "Richest Deceased Celebrities"

Weir Freaking
Hippie Holidaze! 12/24/05

"Jerry Christmas and Happy Bob Weir!"


Blogger Mark said...

Merry Christmas, SLC! That "cool pic" (Thanks, BTW), has a barely visible original oil by Stanley Mouse on the wall behind the channukiyah. It's the closing of Winterland show poster, done in oil and signed by His Mouseness. I'll do a shot of it soon.

Sunday, December 25, 2005  
Anonymous Helen said...

Dude! Hope you had a wonderful Holiday and have a peaceful New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2005  
Blogger Joby said...

Thanks for the link! Have a great holiday season.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005  

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