Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jake’s Leg Doesn’t Break

From St Louis Today:

Jake’s Leg Doesn’t Break
By Brian Crichton

About six or seven years ago there was a bar on Vandeventer called 20 North. I first went to this locale due to a friend’s prodding. Well, the prodding was well warranted, and I quickly fell in love with the dive-ish bar that sat right next to St. Louis University.

Their drinks were average price for a midtown bar, but the music brought people in droves. Every Thursday night the place would fill up, and then Jake’s Leg would hit the stage. The crowd ran the gamut from hippies to collegians to the corporate folk. They would drill out song after song of Grateful Dead tunes that sent everyone back to the 70’s.

20 North closed its doors just before the turn of the century due to SLU politics. But they found a new joint to belt out Jerry Garcia’s greatest achievements. Magee’s at the corner of Clayton and Taylor, just east of Kingshighway, now holds the honor of showing off one of the best, and longest lasting, tribute bands in the nation.

It is great to hear Jake’s Leg still playing after all this time. For me, the time off from them was about six years, but to others it could be longer. They have been playing for 27 years and they show no signs of stopping. It was great to hear them rock and sway the joint as I remember, and I look forward to hearing them do the same in the future.

Catch Jake’s Leg on Thursdays at Magee’s (where there are nightly drink specials), and at Cicero’s in the Loop on most Fridays. Or just visit their website for other concerts and more info:


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