Friday, June 23, 2006


I was at the Utah Arts Festival last night, and there was a puppet booth. My friend Amanda pointed out the Jerry Garcia puppet to me (and then we saw that they had a few of them).

The puppets are made by Marnie & Bill Winn who are from Darby, Montana.

I saw this passage in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Among the booths' most unusual offerings are hand puppets by Marnie and Bill
Winn of Darby, Mont., who craft likenesses of such historical and pop-culture
figures as Elvis, Gandhi, Yoda and John Lennon. Their biggest seller? Jerry
Garcia, complete with granny glasses and a wooden guitar.

They also make "portrait" puppets, meaning they will make a puppet that looks like you or a friend (from a photo).

I couldn't find a picture of the Jerry puppet but I posted a pic of their "hippy" puppet.


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