Monday, November 21, 2005

Grateful Dead drum head auction

From Justin Kreutzmann's Rock & Reel:

"On September 24th there was a Jerry Garcia Tribute concert at The Greek Theatre. At the show Dad had me get all the musician's to sign drum heads with his artwork on it to be auctioned off for the people hurt by Katrina. It's hard to tell from the snapshot but each drum is signed by: Trey Anastasio, Mickey Hart, Warren Haynes, Bruce Hornsby, Gloria Jones, Bill Kreutzmann, Jackie LaBranch, Donna Jean Godchaux, Melvin Seals, Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, Bill Walton."

Here's the info as posted on the Grateful Dead's web site:

BRING THE MUSIC BACK - CHARITY DRUM HEAD AUCTIONSBill Kreutzmann, in conjunction with, is offering autographed replicas of the two custom bass drum heads used by Bill and Mickey Hart on The Dead's 2004 Wave That Flag summer tour. The heads feature designs created by Kreutzmann himself, and they have been signed by virtually every musician in attendence at the October, 2005 "Comes a Time" Jerry Garcia tribute show. For more details visit the following site:DrumART

From Drum Art:

Do you remember your first instrument? What it felt like to be given something so special? So important? So mysterious? I certainly do. In fact, I still have the first drum I ever received – a late ‘60's Slingerland student-model snare that my parents bought for me when I made the Voorheesville Elementary School band. I was ten-years-old. It was, is, and will remain the most special and important drum I own.
When Hurricane Katrina swept ashore on Monday, August 29, 2005, it took many things with it. Lives. Hopes. Dreams. It destroyed homes and businesses. Schools and churches. Everything.
It also swept the music out of a city and a region that has never known anything else. And it stole the instruments played by – and cherished by – children in school music programs across the area.
Along with the following friends and clients, is proud to be working with NAMM and the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation to conduct series of charity auctions to help “Bring the Music Back” to those displaced music students and to the region.
Between December 1 and December 10, 2005 we will be auctioning off the following custom bass drum heads – many of them designed and autographed by the artists themselves. The proceeds will be matched dollar-for-dollar by NAMM, and the total amount will be donated to the Mr. Holland's Opus foundation.
Please join us in our effort to help bring the music back!


Blogger jen said...

Does anyone know how much a set of Grateful Dead Drum Heads are worth? I am being given a set to auction off at a benefit dinner for a child who has tremendous health issues. I have no idea how much value to put on them?

Monday, October 15, 2007  

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