Monday, April 03, 2006

Carsten Henningsen, the Dead, & Zero 7

Carsten Henningsen, green mutual-fund founder, answered Grist Magazine's questions in a recent article and mentioned the Dead:

Who was your favorite musical artist when you were
18? How about now?

That was way back in 1978, and around that time, I
attended about 50
Grateful Dead
concerts. I even got to introduce Jerry Garcia on stage. My favorite band right
now is
Zero 7 from the

By the way, I love
Zero 7. The album "When It Falls" was one of my favorites of the Summer before last. I wouldn't compare them to the Dead in anyway (besides both making great music). In today's vast world of Electronica and all the sub genres and sub-sub-sub genres, I'd call Zero 7 "Trip-hop Pop."

Check out Zero 7 videos here

Henningsen photo from


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite by accident I 'happened' upon this wonderful article. Ironically, a big reader I am NOT...not even a 'little reader'. I SO enjoyed tucking into such a hopeful piece. During this difficult time of unrest, it was lovely reading about such a refreshing unselfish story & to learn that 'our'(San Rafael, Marin) community CAN rally and give of themselves in so many way's. Now, if EVERYONE could follow 'that'lead.....well,wouldn't that be something?.? Thank you for the sharing such HOPE with me. GRATEFULLY, Nancy
How is the store doing??

Thursday, May 29, 2008  

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