Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Searching for Jerry Garcia" rapper killed at club

From LiveDaily:

D12's Proof killed in nightclub shooting
Jon Zahlaway
liveDaily Senior Writer

Proof (
music), a member of Detroit-based rap outfit D12 (music), was shot and killed early Tuesday morning (4/11) at an after-hours club, according to published reports.

Proof--real name Deshaun Holton--and an unidentified male both were shot during an apparent altercation at 3C, a club located on Detroit's famed 8 Mile Road. Police were called to the scene at around 5 a.m. following a report of a fight and shots fired. Deshaun reportedly was pronounced dead on arrival at Conner Creek Medical Center; the other man reportedly is in critical condition.

"Memorial service arrangements are still being made, and his family and friends would appreciate privacy during this difficult time," reads a statement posted at D12's
website. "Arrangements for fan remembrances are being planned. The details will be posted on Proof's official site."

Some early reports indicated that the second, unidentified gunshot victim was possibly D12 member Bizarre, but the statement at D12's site claims that, "contrary to earlier rumors and reports, D12 member Bizarre was not involved in the incident in Detroit last night. He was at home in Atlanta, GA."

Proof, a longtime fixture on the Detroit rap scene, rose to prominence after multi-platinum rapper Eminem (
music), a close friend and fellow Detroit native, signed D12 to a record deal and appeared on the group's 2001 debut album. That disc, "Devil's Night," sold 4 million copies worldwide, and spawned the hit "Purple Pills."

Prior to his success with D12, Proof (a.k.a. Big Proof and Derty Harry) had already made a name for himself by winning The Source's 1999 Unsigned Hype award.

In 2002, Proof turned up in Eminem's semi-autobiographical film "8 Mile," in which Proof had a small cameo as an emcee who competed against Eminem's character. Future, a character in the film who portrays the emcee presiding over the rap battles and is close friends with Eminem's character, is based on Proof.

Earlier this year, Proof was the best man at Eminem's wedding.

Last year, Proof formed his own record label, Iron Fist Records, and released his solo debut, "Searching for Jerry Garcia." The disc landed in stores Aug. 9, the 10th anniversary of The Grateful Dead frontman's death.

"Despite his genius, Jerry Garcia died from drugs, stress and a poor diet," Proof said in a statement issued around the time of the album's release. "At one time or another, we all struggle through one of those things, so in a way, we all have a little Jerry Garcia in us."

"Searching for Jerry Garcia" features a mix of hip-hop, rock and jazz.

"I want to show that you can talk about more than one thing in hip-hop," Proof said of the disc.

"Rapping about cars and your Rolex is played out. You can be different and still be successful."


Anonymous Helen said...

That's so sad. I worked in the Plaza in NYC that was home to Def Jam Records. I'm sorry to say that I've heard a few stories like this. In fact, one night an artist from the label was shot just about 50 feet away from me. Luckily he survived
So young, talented. So sad.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006  

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