Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Phil Lesh for Organ Donor Awareness Lunch

From the Kansas City Star:

Grateful not to be dead


Bob Garrett and Phil Lesh met when Garrett’s old radio station, KY102, helped promote Lesh’s old band, the Grateful Dead, in a 1978 concert at Arrowhead Stadium.

Garrett can’t recall what he and Lesh talked about then — hey, it was the ’70s, man. But Garrett knows what the topic will be when he reintroduces himself to the former Grateful Dead bassist at the “Phil Lesh for Organ Donor Awareness Lunch” at 3 p.m. today at Starlight Theatre.

Both Garrett and Lesh received liver transplants in the late 1990s. And Garrett, whose ad agency is publicizing today’s lunch, plans on swapping post-transplant success stories with the guest of honor.

“I was three days away from dying when I got my transplant,” Garrett says. “Now I feel like my body has a super-charger on it. I’m 57 and I feel about 30.”

After eating and meeting with Lesh, guests can attend the sound check for the Phil Lesh & Friends concert at 7:30 tonight at Starlight. Lunch costs $50 and a $49.50 ticket to tonight’s concert through Ticketmaster; call (816) 931-3330.


Phil Lesh will be appearing at a benefit luncheon, “Lunch with Phil Lesh for Organ Donor Awareness,” in support of the Midwest Transplant Network at 3pm Wednesday, July 19th at the Starlight Bowl in Kasas City, Missouri. Phil Lesh, who received a liver in 1998 due to exposure to hepatitis C, will also take part in a Q & A session with attendees that will include other organ donor recipients. In addition to lunch, attendees are invited to attend the sound-check by Phil Lesh and Friends as well as the concert later that evening at Starlight Theatre. Tickets for this event are $100 and seating is very limited.
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In December 1998 Phil Lesh had a liver transplant.

His surgery and recovery were a huge success. We owe thanks to the Mayo Clinic (in Jacksonville, FL, one of the best transplant clinics in the country), Dr. Steers (innovator in techniques of liver transplants and chief surgeon for Phil's surgery), the HVC Global Foundation (grassroots Hepatitis awareness organization), the loving family and their deceased who made the organ donation, and to the fans and family who came together with love and healing energy.
And we thank Phil Lesh for remaining comitted to raising our awareness of organ donorship and other health issues related to Hepatitis.

As Phil has reminded us, it is very important to notify your family, preferably in writing, of your desire to be an organ donor (in addition to putting the pink stamp on your driver's license or whatever it is in your state).

If you're having trouble coming up with something, borrow from Phil's phrasing :
' In the event of my demise it is my irrevocable desire to be an organ donor '.
If your family decides against it, ultimately, they will know how you felt or what your
wishes would be.


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