Wednesday, December 06, 2006


John Perry Barlow worked on Dick Cheney's Congressional election campaign in 1978??? Yes, according to the following post on Tim's Vox Space:

John Perry Barlow is my hero at this date in time. John was born in Wyoming, lived his life as an academic, a song-writer for the Grateful Dead, a cattle-rancher, an Internet pioneer and founder of EFF - the Electronic Frontier Foundation. His mind is so dynamic and engaging that I'll have to forgive him
for working on Dick Cheney's election campaign in Dick's '78 Congressional campaign.

John lays a clear path for idealistic libertarians in this age of electronic communication and over-reaching corporations and governments. The EFF is a perfect vehicle for engaging the mainstream without the nuance and legalese speak needed to personally engage such complex topics as (1) identity on the Internet and (2) peer-to-peer technologies - to name a couple. In a rational world we should all be engaged and educated about the topics and would-be laws that would economically and personally impact our lives - unfortunately this engagement isn't possible for a variety of reasons; but I digress from explaining what NGO's are.

John recently shared some chapters of his life and bits of knowledge with the students of USC - Cory Doctorow was the mediator - John Gilmore was also in attendance. This audio can be downloaded via a podcast in iTunes on the USC Center of Public Diplomacy Events podcast. In this audio, John can be heard as a thoughtful and well-reasoned ma; in addition, he seems to embody this new Western Man persona, comfortable with living rough (on a ranch), but also equally comfortable with technology and it's libertarian aim to empower individuals and set them free.

Fight the good fight - join EFF.

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