Sunday, January 14, 2007

Starpulse reports that John Perry Barlow wrote lyrics for Mr. Blotto's new album "Barlow Shanghai."

Mr. Blotto Collaborates With Long Time Grateful Dead Songwriter John Perry Barlow

Mr. Blotto are proud to announce the release of their new album, entitled "Barlow Shanghai." This latest effort from the Chicago-based five-piece is the fifth in the hard-touring rock outfit's discography, and features music and lyrics from longtime Grateful Dead collaborator John Perry Barlow.

In a unique move befitting Mr. Blotto—a band who has played over 2,000 shows together—Barlow Shanghai has been released as both a studio album and a live album with both versions available on CD and for download at

Much in the fashion of the Grateful Dead, Mr. Blotto saw success in having an open taping policy and a songwriting team prolific enough to create a large song catalogue that allows the band to play consecutive night theatre runs without repeating a single song. In response to high demand for Mr. Blotto bootlegs, the band began making full-length studio and live albums in 1992.

Now, some 14 years later, Mr. Blotto has truly come into its own, heartily surviving the occasional lineup change and the whimsy of the music industry. The band caught the attention of Barlow during one of his visits to Chicago. Impressed by, as he put it, "their modesty, wisdom and musical energy," Barlow soon became a friend and collaborator of the band, with unique and outstanding results.

"Fans on the jam scene should enjoy this latest release from the Chicago quintet. Part Dead, part String Cheese Incident and part Phish, with rolling soulful grooves, Mr. Blotto is definitely one to watch for in 2007." -Starpulse

picture by Ed Kashi


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These guys are sensational. Well worth the listen.

I was at the CD Release Party and was absolutely floored.

Their version of Mexicali Blues outstanding. JPB was almost reduced to tears....

Sunday, January 14, 2007  

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