Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Deadheads for Darfur

Here is a book that appears to have a noble purpose and grassroots origins:

The Easiest Best Thing Is Be Kind

M. Luke Myers has put together a book that is "a study in the causes of genocide and the importance of compassion with help from many of the important figures from the Grateful Dead family."

Myers is the author of the article
"Why Be Kind" in which he writes :

"Cynicism suggests that the victims of the Holocaust elicit some sympathy from Americans because they look like "us." If we can locate Darfur on the map, we know that it is far away. If we can track down pictures, we know its peoples do not look like "us." They are... black. Surely then, these killings do not affect us.

How can we connect to an unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar situation? This is not the first genocide, but most of us are fortunate enough to know little of this horror. Moreover, the survivors continue to leave us. Consciousness comes at a high price: suffering

The 60 page book includes the following contributions (in alphabetical order by author):

Ken Babbs: "I Shook"
John Perry Barlow: "Dad's Invisible Guard-All Shield"
David Dodd: "Turn the words: Disprove a Maxim"
Candace Cunard: "Scream"
Michelle Faerman: "Dismal as She May Be", "Dying Slow"
David Gans: "Light That is One"
Robert Hunter: "Great Bell of the Atlantic"
Jordon Kalilich: “I Am a Murderer”
Grisha Krivchenia: "Must We Ignore Darfur?", "Beneath Ashes"
M. Luke Myers: Introduction
John W. Scott: "Answers"
Steve Silberman: "Original Face"
Michael Svensson: "How Dare I?"

Hardcover and Paperback versions are available at Lulu.com.

100% of the royalties will be paid to:
Save Darfur Coalition
Post Office Box 18176
Washington, D.C. 20036

You can read more about it at the blog Deadheads for Darfur, where it is announced that:

"Deadheads for Darfur will be in Boca Raton, FL on Sunday, January 28, 2007. We will have the first paperback copies of the book on sale. Because we placed a large order, our manufacturing costs were lower. Buying at the rally is cheapest for you, and even more money goes to Save Darfur! You can find more information
here. We will share a table with Coral Springs for Peace (look for the paper dolls)."


"F. Luke Myers has put together a small book entitled, 'The Easiest Best Thing Is Be Kind.' It's from a quote by Ken Kesey...Deadheads for Darfur is the small group of writers and sometimes writers that will publish the book. Many of the writers are famous in the Grateful Dead community. The hope is that we can mobilize this loyal and active group for good." -
'Kapn' Ken Babbs

"I've contributed a poem to a new anthology of writings by Deadheads and members of the extended Grateful Dead family that is menat to raise money and awareness for Darfur." -
David Dodd

"My friend Luke has been spearheading a project to compile an anthology of poetry and prose in reaction to the
Darfur conflict. He asked me to contribute, and I agreed. It's a really noble cause. The deadline for submission was pushed back to New Year's Day, so I decided to get it done with. It really only took me a few minutes to come up with something meaningful (and slightly meta -- it was about how my not writing was responsible for more deaths)." -Jordon Kalilich


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