Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trey's Guitar Tech joins Hard Truckers

Hard Truckers, the Speaker Cabinet & Road Gear company run by Grateful Dead Crew alumni, have issued the following press release:

Brian Brown, Trey Anastasio's personal guitar tech and roadie extraordinaire joins the Hard Truckers and their Organization of Sound Specialists.

Introducing, Hard Truckers Guitar and Instrument Cables Hand-Made by Brian Brown.

The Hard Truckers are honored to announce that Brian Brown has joined their creative team. Brian, like the original Hard Truckers has spent his life on the road working for one of the biggest touring acts. For the last decade Brian has been working with guitar legend Trey Anastasio (formerly of Phish.) A guitar and electronics wizard, Brian has dedicated his life to the science behind the music. One of Brian's duties with Phish and Trey is to build all their instrument and guitar cables.

Brian and the Hard Truckers are using Canare Cable along with Switchcraft connectors in their guitar and instrument cables. Available in standard lengths with straight or right angle connectors and starting as low as $ 19.99 the Hard Truckers are out to prove that you don't have to spend a fortune on your cables to get the best tone. Industry wide Brian's cables have a reputation for; being very durable (due to good strain relief and an extra thick and flexible core), low noise (due to an innovative shielding design built into the GS-6 cable), and 100% reliability. Durable high-end cable and road standard connectors are combined by one of the industry's best techs, to give you the touring professional's cable.

Brian will also be lending his talents to the Hard Truckers in the coming months as he creates some of his road tested gear and gadgets, never before available to the general public.

Now you don't have to be a music insider to have your guitar cables made by one of the world's best guitar techs. Brian has worked with every brand of cable available and chooses Canare GS-6/Switchcraft cables to make on the road, because each cable REALLY MATTERS and it HAS TO BE PERFECT, every note. You will not believe the difference in your tone and ultimately, how much better you sound with the Hard Truckers top-of-the-line guitar and instrument cables hand-made by Brian Brown.

Hand-made works of art, the Hard Truckers are the professional answer to generic gear. Musicians of all levels will benefit by using road gear from the Hard Truckers.

If you would like more information on this topic or to schedule an interview with any of the Hard Truckers, please contact Glenn Goldstein at (404) 496-4049 ext. 5 or email Glenn at


Anonymous Truck Drivers jobs said...

i really hate to hear this kind of news...this is not really a good happenings.

so to all people who are driving or what please be careful while driving.

Monday, October 11, 2010  

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