Thursday, February 01, 2007

Billy Wants Us To All Get Along

TheRockRadio quotes Bill Kreutzmann as telling them:

"I want people to really be able to look and be in each other's hearts, and not have this horrible war -- but I don't mean just the war in Iraq, I mean war in our country, people not getting along, you know? And so, that's what I want people to get. I always want people to get happy and be with each other. That was the most fun about Grateful Dead concerts, is that you could really see people relating to each other. They really had heart for each other. It was truly an extended family."

The short article goes on to say "While there will be more releases from the Grateful Dead vaults, there are no plans for Kreutzmann, bassist Phil Lesh, singer-guitarist Bob Weir, and drummer Mickey Hart to work together again."

Now that sounds like they're saying that the Dead will never play together again. Of course, all it really says is "there are no plans," just like when Bush kept saying there were no "plans" to invade Iraq on his "desk."

Not too long ago, Jesse Jarnow wrote in Jambase "With Phil Lesh's retirement imminent, the Dead seem to be maybe, actually done." But since Phil plans to play at the Rock to Relief concert in a little over a week, I wouldn't call his retirement "imminent." And I wouldn't say a lack of "plans" means Bobby, Billy, Mickey & Phil (and hopefully Bruce) won't play together again...


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